Neurability Academy

Neurability Academy powers our expert-designed neurability campus

campus structure
  • Generates a more connected and compassionate workforce
  • Optimizes office configuration to sensory needs
  • Provides customized work schedules and calibrates roles to better align with individual skills and abilities
  • Provides specialized coaching, issue identification and resolution, leading to sustained career progression
  • Showcases individual strengths and distinctive abilities to contribute

Founded on twin Key Principles


Safety is paramount. We protect people, values, experiences, relationships, and knowledge. Its a pervasive principle through everything we do. We approach failure as an opportunity to introduce more Anzen into our culture, practices, and tools – and embrace the human endeavor.

Shu ha ri

Japanese martial art concept describing the stages of learning to mastery. Extended by Neurability Academy to operate bi-directionally between neurotypical and neurodivergent workforces. Informed by discovery of client current state of existing challenges, ambitions, and opportunities.

Training Curriculum

5 essential elements

organization art


  • General Administration
  • Organizational Principles
  • Team and Client work structure
business art

Business Concepts

  • Economy as a System
  • Organizations as a system
  • Structure & Function
  • Business Domains
communication art


  • Form and Function
  • Medium and Tone
  • Caveats & Ambiguity
  • Clarification & Reiteration
techical art


  • Information, Data, Knowledge
  • Software in business context
  • Code and applications
  • Environments and DevOps
client art

Client engagement

  • The art of Consulting
  • Ways of working applied
  • Client positioning and structure
  • Team positioning in Client context