Crucial to any company's success is understanding how they are performing relative to their goals. In the realm of neurodiversity, however, most companies are at a loss for how to benchmark effectiveness and point to areas of improvement.

Introducing NeuraSTUDY

NeuraSTUDY provides companies with an objective review of their progress and achievements. Build upon success and make data driven adjustments to drive continuous improvement. By leveraging our expertise in neurodiversity, we bring a unique perspective to benchmarking and assessing companies.

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About NeuraSTUDY

  • Obtain an objective assessment of neurodivergent team performance
  • Engage in internal dialog and prioritize actions for continuous improvement
  • Integrate observation into body of knowledge
  • Use elicited data to guide evolution of initiatives and model expansion options
  • Move up the Neurodiversity Maturity Model and unlock the quantiative and qualitative benefits neurodiversity offers
  • Focus on meaningful, measurable benefits rather than solely DEI FTE headcount.

Neurodiversity in the workforce has historically been an under-studied field. We firmly believe that neurodivergent professionals, when provided with the right environment, offer their employers a competitive advantage through their organic strengths. Contact us today to learn more about how NeuraSTUDY can help benchmark and assess your company’s neurodiversity initiatives and benefit from our expertise and data-driven approach to drive continuous improvement.